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Rival Health

The project aimed to establish a seamless visual identity across both web and print mediums. Specifically, my focus was on enhancing the user experience (UX) within the design. On the web front, a pivotal requirement was to revamp the user interface (UI) for the login process. To achieve this, I strategically structured the user interaction to gather more information upfront while maintaining a concise user perception.

To achieve a more efficient process, I reorganized the information into logical groupings, which in turn expanded the number of questions within each step while effectively reducing the overall steps required. This approach provided users with a streamlined experience that felt more concise despite the increased depth of interaction.

A key aspect of my design contribution was the incorporation of a light and airy aesthetic. This not only served the web interface but also seamlessly translated to the print medium, establishing a coherent visual thread that seamlessly tied the design elements together between print and web. Through this holistic approach, I ensured that the user journey remained consistent and engaging, promoting a unified experience across both digital and physical realms.